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About Us

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Established in 1959, our firefighting community has grown from a handful of volunteers to an active department consisting of a fire chief, over twenty full and part-time firefighters — many of whom are certified Emergency Medical Technicians — a logistics support team, an auxiliary, and a board of directors to oversee it all. Still others remain in the background and volunteer on projects in varied capacities as time allows. Altogether, about 50 volunteers help to foster the safety of Red Feather Lakes area residents and properties.
In the half century since its founding, the department has increased its equipment from one fire truck to a fleet of specialized vehicles: engines, tenders, brush trucks, two licensed ambulances, a service truck, UTV, ATV and a squad truck, which allow us to respond to nearly any type of emergency within our area.
In any given year, the department volunteers respond to approximately 140 emergencies, most in the summer months, and most requiring half or more of the fire department personnel to respond. 
The ages, talents, and skills of the members are widely varied. Many of the volunteers hold full-time jobs; others are able retirees. Training in medical response, firefighting, and specialized rescue operations is continuous, with all firefighting personnel spending 6-10 hours each month in instruction and practice.